Our Activities

Camel Riding: Perhaps the most iconic symbol of the desert is the camel. No desert trip is complete without a camel ride and since all of our clients have this incredible activity on top of their Sahara activities to-do list when visiting Morocco desert, camel trekking is included in all of our tours and trips to Erg Chebbi Dunes, Erg Chegaga Dunes and Erg Lihoudi Dunes. Riding a camel to the top of the dunes gives you the opportunity to watch the spectacular sunset while experiencing the Sahara Desert transportation the Berber and Nomad way. When you book a package either luxury or standard with Desert Star Travel, be assured that a camel ride will be one of the highlights of your adventure.
Sandboarding: Another must-do activity that you should expect when visiting the Sahara Desert is Sandboarding. It is a very popular activity that is included in every desert package of ours to Erg Chebbi Dunes and Erg Chegaga Dunes. Once you reach the camp, take a sand-board and climb to the top of the dunes then enjoy your sandboarding experience. It is one of the best ways to discover a magical setting where extraordinary and fine sand dunes stretch on for miles and miles, and to watch the orange of the sky and sand meet in a spectacular sunset.
Desert Walking: Walking on sand helps you think, clear your mind, nourish your soul and leave the busy life of our modern world behind for a while and find yourself in moment of pure peacefulness. It is not only a beautiful experience to be in such magical setting, but it is also healthy to walk barefoot on the sand. It burns calories, it is relaxing and more.
Romantic Dinner On the Peak of a Dune: Romantic Dinner On the Peak of a Dune. We can set a private table for you on top of a dune near the camp. You can have a romantic dinner with your (future) life partner on top the dune while having your feet buried in the sand, under the dark sky and shiny stars. Just you, the warm candle lights, the cool chill of the desert evening and your partner. Sounds like a special proposal plan, doesn’t it? .
Yoga: is a famous activity that is requested from our clients. This activity requires a certain setting to be performed in the optimal way possible. Our tours and camps support such conditions. The famous dunes of Erg Chebbi and Erg Chegaga offer a unique, silent, evocative and spiritual environment in which this activity can be perfectly performed. If you want a setting of absolute solitude and pure peacefulness the desert is your best choice. Desert Star Travel offer this extraordinary experience to both small and large groups. Just bring your coach or teacher and leave the rest to Desert Star Travel!