Our Team

Hassan Laghfiri
● Hassan Leghfiri is a Saharan nomad tour guide and a tourism travel agency co-owner who was born in the Saharan village of M’hamid El Ghizlane. Since Hassan was born, raised and spent his childhood in the desert and worked for half a decade as a tour guide, he has a rich knowledge of regional areas including M’hamid El Ghizlane, Zagora, Ouarzazate, Merzouga and all of the south. During the years in which he worked as a tour guide, he has enriched his knowledge of other regions such as Marrakech, the Atlas Mountains, Agadir and Essaouira. Hassan started up Desert Star Travel as a co-owner to offer others desert experiences. Hassan speaks multiple foreign languages, including English, French, Spanish and other languages that he learned from his clients as he cares for their comfort, listen to their needs and makes sure to provide them with services that meet their interests. Hassan set up Desert Star Travel as a co-owner to give others the chance to discover what this exotic country has to offer. Ha will always be at your disposal to provide you with all the information you need to help you make the best of your adventure.

● Brigitte is an Austrian highly rated tour guide for her well-known tourism and travel services in Austria. Brigitte came to Morocco in a vocation where she accompanied Hassan in a desert tour when he was still working as a driver. She fell in love with Morocco especially the southern regions. She loved the landscapes of the valleys, the calm desert and the hospitality and kindness of the people. She answers your Emails, Inquiries and phone calls, makes sure that you well taken care of and that your requests are considered carefully.

Hamza Slimani
● Hamza Slimani is an experienced tour guide who has a wealth of knowledge in the business of Moroccan tourism and traveling services. Since Slimani Family is Saharan Nomads that have been heavily involved in tourism business and traveling services, Hamza was working as an assistant in his family’s agency answering clients phone calls, Emails and inquiries, booking their hotels and cars and did all the office and paper work while being a university English student. Hamza speaks English and French fluently and knows fragments of other languages that he learned from communicating with the clients as he always makes sure that the clients are taken care of and their interests and requests are considered carefully. After graduating the university, Hamza started up Desert Star Travel as a co-owner to offer others desert experiences. Hamza is always at your disposal to offer you quick response, first-hand knowledge and personal care.

Our Guides and Drivers
● Our Guides and Drivers are locale Berbers and Nomads. They speak several languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian and other languages that they picked up though talking to tourists as they always care for their comfort, listen to their needs, answer their questions explain local customs and culture and make sure to provide them with optimal services that meet their interests and desires. They are knowledgeable guides, skillful drivers with many years of experience guiding tourists through camel-rides, guided city tours and off-road drives all over the south of the country. All of our guides and drivers have received credit for their kindness, charm, driving skills and market knowledge.